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We guarantee our client compliance with the approved project, control of costs, deadlines, safety and quality of the work.



Planning Control: Comply with the schedule for the execution of works on site, as well as the schedules for hiring the contractor and other subcontractors, materials and equipment. We also assess the quantity and sufficiency of resources in terms of labor, materials or equipment.

Financial Control: We analyze and monitor on site the services and work already carried out, measurements and billing records of contractors, any modifications and additional work.

Quality control: We accompany and monitor the work of contractors, in order to ensure that the quality of execution complies with what is defined in the project and in the contract.



Work Preparation: Check the conditions of the land and its implications with the projects and contracts signed.

Construction: Supervise its development, carry out the control of the work, in terms of costs, the deadlines, the materials used and the work carried out.

Project Delivery: Elimination of all technical construction anomalies to obtain the use license.

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