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Domum Constructions is a company that combines the various experiences accumulated in the national and international market, in order to take advantage of this knowledge to present itself as a qualified alternative in the civil construction industry. Currently, we have a firm and constant growth, due to our quality service with great rigor and professionalism.

Since its creation, the DOMUM CONSTRUCTIONS values are based on wanting to demonstrate something different from the general idea that the public has of the civil construction industry. The success of a project is defined through several indicators such as time, cost, profitability and quality.
And it's on 
quality of managementof all these factors that DOMUM CONSTRUCTIONS bets on offering to its customers.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we love the construction industry. We do what we do because we believe in the principle that good business is one that benefits all parties involved, customers, users and suppliers.


We do what we do because we like challenges that make us evolve, overcome them and exceed expectations. We do what we do because we aim to verify the real satisfaction of the users of the new spaces and thus achieve our feeling of accomplishment.

How do we do it?

We are committed to retaining the best suppliers and partners who are equally committed to dynamism, cost and quality.

We plan all our work as far in advance as possible in order to identify possible mishaps at an early stage

We invest in the constant training of our technicians and we are always open to the use of new systems and materials to improve our services. 

What do we offer?

  • We maintain a low cost of our structure in order to see this reflected in our budgets;

  • More than a decade of experience of active participation in several projects in the residential, hotel, commercial, industrial, subdivisions and single-family housing of renowned and demanding

  • Accumulated experience of approximately 125,000 m2 of construction and €290,000,000.00 in investments.



CEO & Civil Engineer

Founder of Domum Constructions  with several international and national experiences in Construction Management and Project Management in large-scale projects. Strong bet on truthfulness and commitment to people, always trying to maximize the value of each clients project.


We are committed to meeting deadlines and ensuring the final quality of your new home.

Come join us on this new journey!

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